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Hi, I'm Rhianna creator of Nature Crowns and children's book 'Do You Dream?'

With help from my husband James we have turned my little dream into a reality. Together we have three nature loving children, Mia, Maple and Manning. They are the inspiration behind our creations. I first began creating headbands for my daughter Mia 18 years ago. 

Each crown has a story. It takes time to find the perfect fabric, flowers and feathers. All feather and flower crowns are handmade by me on our kitchen bench and posted at our local post office.

It took six months to select the soft, comfortable nylon bands used on the crowns. The leather used on the feather crowns is Italian. I spend hours upon hours sourcing beautiful flowers from all over the world and locally.

I love what I do and I am grateful for your support.

I am humbled each time I see a child in my creations.