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Meet 'Nature Crowns'

Hello, I'm Rhianna creator of Nature Crowns and children's book 'Do You Dream?'

With help from my husband James we have turned my little dream into reality. Together we have three wonderful children, Mia, Maple and Manning. They are the inspiration behind all our products.

Beautiful Bows 

Butterfly Crowns (petite flowers on nylon band) 

Fairy Crowns (medium flowers on nylon band) 

Princess Crowns (rainbow headband) 

Halo Crowns

Personalised Feather Crowns

Each crown has a story. It takes time to find the perfect flowers and feathers. All crowns and bows are made from the highest quality and ethically sourced products. It took six months to choose the soft, comfortable nylon bands to use for our bows and flower crowns. The leather used on our feather crowns is Italian. Glue is dripped all over my kitchen bench, while creating each crown with love. They are arranged with hands like yours, by a parent like you.

There is a limited number of each flower crown design and as the seasons change the crowns will too. The love and time put in to each crown will never be discounted.

When I see photos of my creations on your children my heart smiles - Thank you xox